How to wish fathers day || Father's Day celebration ideas and tips

 Here are some ideas that you can make Fathers Day special

1. Successful Career - Yes every parents in the world love to see their children a successful person in their life and a well managed life. May its sound a long process but its the truth every children should concern.

 2. Make the day very special - May your father not able to self-drive a car. Take them with you all day long. Go for long drive if he wish or have desire of outing. 

3. Cook for them a special dish or ordered them, their favorite dish. 

4. Gift - Gift them a special thing that they love to. 

5. Make feel them young -  This may sounds crazy, but its true my friend. When age cross certain limit, we do hide our desires just hesitating the society. You may cloth him a young or trending dress, stylish beard or hair cut. You just need to influence and admire his new look. Mum may support in this case.  ;) 

6. Take them to old friends -  Yes this is also a good idea to take them to old friends and arrange them a good gathering.

7. . Financial support When leaving your parents please do not forget to support financially. Most of parents ran out money in this stage. As they spent all their earning for their children to grow and to give them a better life. Its our time to protect and care our parents. 

 This day is just a symbol day to remind us from our busy day life to thank our creator and protector the real god. 

Make every day Father's Day.

 Thanks to all Father's in the world for their great Sacrifice and Contribution to make us what we are. Thanks for this existence. 

Make a wish with online Father's Day Ecard for your father . Make him feel that how much you love and care him.

Just to remind you this year father's  Day 2021 is on Sunday , June 20, and in Nepal BS  (Buwako Mukh Herne Din - เคฌुเคตाเค•ाे เคฎुเค– เคนेเคฐ्เคจे เคฆिเคจ )  is on 22 Bhadau 2078,